TPE Or Silicone Sex Doll ?

There is no doubt that sex dolls are among one of the most complex and also challenging items for sexual pleasure readily available on the marketplace today.
When starting to buy a sex doll, among the first things you will need to choose is the material of the doll. There are two great options available for sexy real dolls. TPE or Silicone.

Which material is the very best? What are the advantages and disadvantages? They are common questions in our industry. We get asked a lot. Now allow us analyze these questions for you.

At first, silicone was the best sex doll material for manufacturers because of its good quality and also convenience of molding. However, silicone is a little costly, and also not all people can pay for silicone adult sex dolls. So, to fight this, sex doll suppliers dedicating their time to develop an alternate material that was equally as excellent but extra economical. Ultimately, TPE was developed to create lifelike love dolls that are cost affordable and just as realistic as silicone. TPE sex dolls are starting to come to be popular, as they feel more realistic, flexible and also soft. TPE sex dolls likewise tend to be less costly to produce, so it is not surprising that why the industry is starting to move in the direction of TPE sex dolls mainly.

Which is the best material for you? You might be asking. Well, both materials have their advantages and problems, as well as your individual demands will certainly determine the ideal alternative.

This short article will tell the distinctions between TPE and silicone dolls, along with the factors that may make either one the very best choice for you.
So, let's get into TPE and silicone overview;


Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), typically referred to as Thermoplastic Rubbers by many, is a copolymer made by blending 2 or even more materials with thermoplastic and elastomeric properties or commercial properties.

TPE depicts rubbery as well as plastic, is incredibly flexible, and can be stretched and molded to the needed shapes much more easily. It additionally has a longer life and a far better physical range than many materials, making it a great full size life like sex doll material.

Thermoplastic Elastomer is incredibly soft and also can be extended numerous times than silicone, which explains TPE fuck dolls' fantastic wobbling big butt and also big boobs. Moreover, since TPE can utilize existing injection molding methods, it's an extra affordable material for making life size premium sex dolls.

TPE sex dolls are more affordable than silicone dolls.
Soft and flexible. It can extend more than 300% of its initial size before breaking.
It has an excellent premium quality for the price.
Super realistic and soft to touch. The huge tits and butts shake to the rhythm of your drives.
Extremely flexible, allowing you to enjoy numerous sex positions.
You can utilize any type of lube (water-based, Silicone, and so on).
If maintained correctly, TPE sexy dolls will last much longer than Silicone.

TPE is a porous material making them extra difficult to clean. 
Porous products can harbor bacteria.
Thermoplastic Elastomer gets stains from clothes quickly.
Unlike silicone, TPE dolls are really sensitive to heat.
You can't sanitize your sexy love doll, unlike a Silicone one.
It's also a little bit sticky (however you can apply baby powder to solve this problem).

What Do TPE Sex Dolls Feel Like?
TPE is elastic and real soft to touch, making the sex feel more all-natural than with Silicone. It's likewise really elastic, which is a plus, especially for those interested in having a view of wiggling ass and tits during sex. The butt on TPE real dolls provide nice feedback during sex, as well as they bounce back perfectly while you are pounding them. Besides, it's super flexible, making it feasible to try out more sex positions.


Silicone is a class of polymers consisting of repeating units of siloxane. Another name you might find is Liquid Silicone Rubber.

Silicone is rubbery as well as soft when you touch it, making it a great option among sex doll producers. It's likewise heat resistant. Nevertheless, it can deal with heat better. For example, you can sanitize silicone love dolls by boiling them, making them much easier to clean and maintain in the future.

Silicone sex dolls have a more realistic vaginal canal, anus, and also mouth.
They are resistant to heat. Therefore, you can sanitize  them by boiling them.
It's a non-porous product, making cleaning really easy.
It's not as sticky as TPE.
Much less sensitive to heat, as well as you can use them in hot baths.
Silicone rubber is stain-resistant.

More expensive compare to TPE
It feels more harder than TPE.
You can not utilize silicone-based lubricant.

What Do Silicone Sex Dolls Seem Like?
The material is lifelike realistic however not as sticky and soft as TPE. The canals (mouth, vaginal canal, and ass) really feel more natural. And silicone dolls can deal with heat much better. Additionally, the enjoyable does not have to stop at the sofa; If taking hot baths with your real doll is something that interests you, then a silicone doll might be a better match for your requirements. Isn't that fun? Silicone sex dolls are additionally less complicated to clean, and also some guys feel that the vaginal and anal openings are extra realistic on silicone sex dolls.

Final Words

Well, from the factors we've gone over above, the individual that need to buy a TPE sex doll is the one who;.
Has a limited budget plan
Wants a much more realistic, squishier skin option.
Is ready to devote more time to cleaning and also overall maintenance.

The best person to purchase a silicone doll is the one that;.
Could spend more.
Focuses on realistic looking orifices over a squishy body.
Wish to take a bath with their doll.
Intend to spend the least time on cleaning and also maintenance of the doll.

Both TPE and silicone materials are hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, but various other elements will figure out which one fulfills your requirements in the best way.

And also while silicone is a leader in sex doll industry, the introduction of TPE can be seen as a major change that altered a lot.

This Silicone vs. TPE post has actually specified both materials, detailed their distinction, and most important, explained several of the factors that will certainly assist you to choose the best material for your desires and also demands.

Pick the material that resonates with you the most, whether it's the budget, realism, cleaning , maintenance, or longevity.

Some people may say" i want both"

Here let me introduct you the Hybrid Sex Dolls. Hybrid real Dolls means real dolls combines a silicone head with a TPE body.So you get the best of both worlds - A super realistic face with a super lifelike body!

Hybrid Sex Dolls

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