The Lifelike Sex Dolls

More and more people feel lonely and partnerless throughout their lives. Nowadays it is no longer only a few people to be single, but not everyone is happy with the partnerless life. The lonely people want to feel love and affection. Dates can go wrong, and one rejection after another doesn't make a person happier. So a group of people turns to something completely new, the lifelike sex dolls.

What is a sex doll?
A sex doll is not an inflatable doll as you may think. A sex doll is a lifelike doll made of materials that are almost indistinguishable from real people. You can think of materials that look real and natural. A sex doll is a lifelike copy of a human being. The buyers are often men.

Who uses a sex doll?
The name ''sex doll'' is not quite right for some people. Some people have dozens of real sex dolls in their houses. They are specially set up in a room, and sometimes they sit on the couch next to the owner. Buyers of sex dolls often live a lonely life and need affinity with a lifelike doll. They think they can build a relationship with the love dolls. Now you will probably think: ''a relationship with a real doll? That is unbelieveable! ''

This is wrong, because it is possible. It is mainly men who buy a tpe and silicone sex doll. They can make their ideal dream partner to be lifelike. The sexy doll will never reject the buyer and always love. This is why buyers are interested in the dolls. The sexy real dolls will not be able to express rejection and dissatisfaction.

Realistic sex dolls can't do anything. It is a lifeless piece of material, but this is very different for the buyers. A personality and character traits are linked to the doll.

Sex  dolls were traditionally used to have sex with. Today most of the real dolls are still used for that. The only difference between new full size lifelike dolls compared to the dolls of the past is their appearance. Some sex dolls are almost indistinguishable from real people.

What does a sex doll cost?
A sex doll is expensive. The materials used are of high quality and carefully selected. Everything is done to make the doll looks so lifelike. You would not think there's a doll sitting next to you on the couch, but a flesh and blood human being. To make your life size love dolls to your taste,you can customize hairstyle, skin tone, eye color, nipple, pubic hair and breast type.  There is also something going on inside the doll. The doll has a metal construction (skeleton) and joints just like human.

sex doll joints
Outsiders often react skeptically and don't like this development. Some sex dolls look very young. This increases the rejection as it would imply sex with a minor. People who use and buy a sex doll often hide it to avoid embarrassment and rejection from the outside world.

An unstoppable development
Sex dolls have always been around, but never as real as today. The development does not stand still, and sex dolls evolve with it. The demands are getting higher, and the sex doll's function is slowly shifting towards love and affinity. A doll should be more than just sex. With the help of robotics, this can become a reality. 

bbw sex dolls


Can a sex robot say no if she doesn't feel like it?
Probably yes. It all depends on how you program the sex robots. Maybe you will buy a program on a sticky if you want a bitchy type in the long run. Or just a sweet type who asks three times a day how you are doing.

More realistic
Do you prefer a skin color, blond or black curly hair? That is all possible for you to choose. Sex robots becomes more and more realistic. You can have more interaction. The robot's mouth and eyes can already move.And she can talk too. If that is extended to more body parts, it will become more and more interesting for many people. 

Which target group would buy a sex bot?
Very different.We receive many requests from the elderly and disabled. People who are lonely or have lost their wives. Sometimes we hear harrowing stories here. But some people have enough money and think: I'll make a doll, just for fun, as a toy."

Does the relationship with a robot become more important than the relationship with a 'real' person?
I'm not that afraid of that; it will be okay. That may be true for one person. But for many people who are having trouble in the relationship market or whose relationship has fallen into a sexual doldrums, a doll or robot can be a godsend.

Can people be friend or love a robot?
I think so. I once lived next door to someone who was cleaning their car every week. Did he love him more than his wife? So why couldn't you have feelings for a robot? I think you can have a conversation in the long run. Look at the robot technology from Apple and Google. Recently I saw images of a robot who called the hairdresser for an appointment. That hairdresser didn't realize she had a robot on the line."

How much will a sex robot cost?
Around 4,000 to 5,000 euros. About ten years ago, sex dolls cost 10,000 euros. We now sell it for around 2,000 Euros. It's quite a good price at this moment.

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