The History Of Love Dolls

This is not a place to fantasize about the love dolls. This will be about facts and figures, and a brief history of sex dolls. We will discuss how these real dolls have evolved over time.
On June 6, 2006, an article was published June 2006 by Henrik Christensen of the European Robotics Research Network on the UK's Sunday Times that " people are going to be having sex with robots within five years."
Based on the current situation, the " Sex dolls and toys" market is growing day by day.
As per a reliable source found on Wikipedia:
" As of 2008, the value was $15.5 billion across the globe, with a growth rate being 30 percent. China is the leading producer of Sex dolls, producing as high as 70% of the sex dolls and toys are made in China. These sex dolls are available in local and online shops, at events associated with the adult market, and at parties. Certain items, such as "handheld massagers "are sold at outlets and in drugstores."
The work of Ovid's Metamorphoses is the earliest evidence of adult dolls that have been discovered in the past. At 8 AD, the sculpturer Pygmalion disliked and would not tolerate all females. He wished to create the life of his creations out of ivory. In the end, he fell in love with the Galatea statues. He showers her with presents and kisses and engages in witty conversations. 
Based on the fragments of proof, sexy real dolls were first discovered around the end of the 17th-century. Spanish is known as dame de voyage, and in French, they named dama de voyage. The predecessors of the modern real sex dolls were the dolls. But at the time, fuck dolls were not the most realistic model of sex dolls. They were made of sex real dolls using made-up or worn-out clothes for sailors at the ocean. They wore clothes made to look like love dolls while they were on long voyages.
You can even see the love dolls in Mughal painting from India. An image is a Mughal man sexing with a sex doll and Dildos aboard.
One of the first records suggests that sex dolls were manufactured first appeared in 1908. In the words of German Dermatologist Iwan Blochin his work, Bloch said that;
"In this regard, it is possible to refer to the fornication of acts which are caused by artificial replicas of the human body or specific elements of the body. There are real Vaucansons within this realm of pornographic technology. These are skilled mechanics, made of rubber and other materials create complete male and female bodies that can be used as dames or hommes of a voyage, serve fornication reasons. Particularly, the genital organs are depicted in a way that is true to nature. In fact, the production of Bartholin's glans is imitated using a "pneumatic tube" filled with oil. In the same way, using the exemplary apparatus and fluid, the ejaculation of the semen is replicated. Artificial human beings of this kind are offered for sale in the catalog from certain producers of "Parisian rubber articles."
A variety of evidence confirms that Nazis also created sex dolls or love dolls in World War II. In World War II in 1941, Hitler wanted his troops to be STI-free and away from native French prostitutes. This sex toy was a component of " the Borghild Project". SS Heinrich Himmler was commissioned to create and provide 50 real silicone dolls. But, soldiers were affronted by embarrassment by the dolls. The soldiers decided to end the project in a year. But, no one officially confirmed the project and was therefore categorized as HOAX.
Following World War II, the transition of sexdolls to the highe-end real life lovedolls.
In 2009, the Germans raised the bar on the " Seemannsbraut," which translated to the Pocket Pussy and made it available into modern Android-loving dolls. They can breathe and can be pulse to provide an even more realistic feel!
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