Should I choose a cheap real doll or a luxury sex doll?

With a sex doll in your closet, you will no longer experience boring and lonely moments.Purchasing the first sex doll is an important thing for most sex doll owners. Most purchases are made over the internet, which makes it challenging to make the right choice. The sexy love dolls often look very glamorous and similar on the websites, but the prices differ from $600 to $3000. In this article, I try to explain why there are such big differences and what you should pay attention to when buying a fuck doll.


The length of a sex doll is the biggest influence on the price. This is because that most sex real dolls are made in Asia and transported all over the world. Dolls up to a height of about 120cm often fit in standard packaging. So small or mini sex doll is cheaper. A height above 120cm is often expensive to ship. Especially the dolls above 150cm are too large for most companies to transport, which increases the price.


For premium adult love dolls that could make to your taste, there are many options for you to choose from. You can customize hairstyle, skin tone, eye color, nipple, pubic hair and breast type and so on. But a cheap doll usually can’t be customized.


Although sex dolls often look the same in website photos, many different materials are used. The cheap sex dolls often use bad quality TPE. They were sold between $500 and $1300, and the premium realistic lifelike TPE or silicone sex dolls start from $1600.

The difficulty for realistic love dolls from TPE is that there are various types available. The cheaper sex dolls often use a worse type TPE. This kind of love dolls may need a lot of maintenance when you use for a while. The expensive brands such as WM, YL and 6YE always use the best TPE or silicone that feels more like natural skin. Although you can feel the difference, it is not always visible on the internet.

Luxury authentic love doll or cheap fake sex doll

Scammers selling their sex dolls as unbranded, they are using official WM Dolls or other famous brand professional photos. If you want an authentic love doll, it might be best to avoid sites which price is under $1500. And a fake sex doll is usually under $1300, even less.


Premium sex dolls use a better wig, even implanted hair. A cheap love doll usually uses a cheaper one.



So I think which price suits you best depends on your wish and budget. Would you like a small or a large adult real doll? Do you like good-quality TPE / silicone dolls, or can you live with a lower-quality doll? My advice is always to make sure you get what you pay for. If you want a premium love doll with a limited budget. I would recommend you to check our torso sex dolls.I believe you would find your dreaming sexy doll!

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