How To Oil And Powder A TPE Sex Doll

Your TPE sex doll may get dirty over time. The oils and the TPE seep out, and the dust wants to stick to it. Today we are going to show you how to remove this dust.

 TPE is a porous material, and it can't be sterilized. All this dirt and stuff that you see on the surface of the TPE, that's all going to come to the surface of the TPE when you apply oil. 

The first time I put baby oil on the TPE sex doll. I notice that all these dirt forms from it. But rather than a bunch of small microparticles of dirt had collected on the TPE. And once you put oil on it and rubbed it in. This dirt just seems to come to the surface. How can we get rid of this dirt? Well we got some soap water, but the soap water doesn't do a great job of removing this crap. So what we found out is that if you rub the oil in TPE. All the dirt comes to the surface, and it'll all clump up. It'll look like motor oil almost on the surface of your love doll. And that's okay, this is normal. You just take a dry paper towel and rub it up against here. And that oil will lubricate the surface. And the dirt will go into the oil. And then the oil will stick to the paper towel. Basically, the oil will serve as a lubricant between the dirt and the surface of the TPE. And then you could simply wipe it off with a paper tower.

You'll just let your TPE sex doll sit for about 15 to 20 minutes, the oil will seep into the pores. And once that happens, then you can powder her. So this dust and how much dust sticks to her will be minimized, instead the baby powder will stick to her.

You can use a designated bedsheet that you do this with, so once you're done doing this procedure, Take the bedsheet and put it in the washer, and then put your other normal bed sheets on.


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