Bob Gibbins & His Sex Doll Collection

Bob Gibbins and his wife Lizzie have the largest full size sex doll collection in the world. They have over 240 love dolls that include the blower variety, solid dolls, and silicone sex dolls which is worth more than $160,000.

These silicone & TPE sex dolls are also known as sex dolls. They're part of the estimated 15 billion dollar sex toy industry. A majority of people buy realistic sex dolls for sex. But that's not the case with Bob to mate purely a collection. He loves having afternoon tea with his realistic sex dolls, posing them up for photo shoots, and taking them for a drive in the country.

Women might regard these real sex dolls as a threat to their marriage. But Lizzie, his wife, sees them as a safer relationship. The realistic sex dolls are a way for Bob and Lizzie to spend time together . They didn't do anything much together before they had the adult dolls. Of course, it changed a lot once they got their first lifelike sex doll.


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sex doll collection

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